Jasart Easel Brush Box

JAS-EAS-Brush-Box-Short-Handle_4003803The Jasart Easel Brush Box is great for keeping your brushes safe and tidy. The flip-back lid allows easy access to your brushes. Extra compartments are handy for your other art essentials like painting knives, pencils and rags. Features a metal clip to ensure the box does not open while in transit.

Available for short and long-handled brushes.

Jasart Artists Brush Box

11497-1_MDProtect, store and transport your brush collection. Hand sanded and constructed of hardwood, this box features durable finger-joint construction and has ventilation holes to allow wet brushes to dry.

Available for short and long-handled brushes.

Bamboo Brush Wrap

BambooBrushRolls_3Bamboo rolls to protect your brushes when travelling. Available in small and large.

Wooden Palettes

wooden paletteWooden palettes are available in two shapes, oval and rectangular and in a variety of sizes. Suitable for both left and right handed users.

Daler-Rowney Tear-off Palette

d-r_tear_off_palette_pad_lgWhen you’re done just tear off your old palette to reveal a clean new one. Clear acrylic-coated paper, 40 sheets (90gsm).

Available in A4 and A3.


Plastic Palettes

2387x300Plastic palettes are available in multitude of shapes and sizes. Suitable for both left and right handed users.

Palette Knives

knivesPalette KnivesĀ are blunt with a slightly flexible steel blade and no sharpened cutting edge. They are used in place of a brush for applying paint colors, paste, pigments, and so forth directly onto the canvas or painting surface. Between the handle and the blade there is usually a large crank, to keep the artist’s hand off the paint surface. Painting knives come in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes.

Metal Brush Washer (Large)

The metallarge brush washer brush washer features a spring coil that protects brush bristles by suspending your brushes in water or paint thinner.

“The Master’s” Artist’s Hand Soap 40g

Untitled-12The Masters Hand Soap is specially formulated to remove petroleum-based paint or materials without harsh and messy thinners. It removes dried-on paint with just water. It’s non-abrasive, and leaves hands soft.

Use it in the art room and for other dirty tasks around the house. Masters conditions as it cleans. It has a refreshing spearmint scent, and it contains no lanolin.

Aluminium Brush Washer (Small)

brush washerThe aluminum brush washer features a spring coil that protects brush bristles by suspending your brushes in water or paint thinner.

Mortar and Pestle

mortar and pestleWhite pharmaceutical porcelain mortar and pestle for grinding pigments and other materials for use in mediums and resins. The hard inner surface is unglazed allowing you to easily abrade nearly any material to the degree of fineness that you need for fine pigments.

“The Master’s” Brush Cleaner 7.1g

Untitled-13Just wet the brush and work up a lather on the hard cake. Even old, hardened oil paint brushes can be restored to their original snap and luster.

Brush Cleaner and Preserver works on most acrylics and watercolors, too. It gives off no harmful fumes or odors, and it’s safe for use in the classroom or studio.

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