Founded in Paris in 1793 and owned and operated by the Sauer family since 1859, Raphaël is the oldest fine art brush maker in Europe. Following the time honored tradition of master and apprentice, the highly skilled craftswomen of Raphaël must train for years before they are ready to produce a Raphaël brush. The finest hairs and bristles are imported from all over the world and hand sorted to ensure the highest quality. Every brush made by Raphaël is made with the artist in mind.


Raphael 8413 Long Fine Tip Watercolour Brushes

Raphaël Series 8413 Long Fine Tip Watercolour Brushes have incomparable elasticity. They are ideal for fine detail and finishes in watercolour. The tips are made of long, fine Kolinsky sable hair. Raphaël Series 8413 Long Fine Tip Watercolour Brushes are perfect for watercolour, graphic art, washes, retouching and design work. They have seamless silver ferrules and short, black lacquered handles.

Raphael 8404 Pure Kolinsky Sable

Raphaël’s flagship handmade Kolinsky brush features a fine point for precision and a full belly for a high paint load. It is made of the finest Kolinsky sable that is hand washed, sorted and tested, giving it superior resiliency, spring and snap. It has multiple hair lengths to ensure the tightest possible point, and cementing and crimping for the highest quality construction.

Raphael 8400 Retouching Brushes

Raphaël Series 8400 Retouching Brushes have extra fine, short brush tips made from selected Kolinsky red sable hairs. These Raphaël Series 8400 Retouching Brushes are very fine brushes for retouching and graphic work.

Raphael 803 Squirrel Pointed Mop

Raphaël’s squirrel French mop brush is exquisitely soft yet durable, hand crafted as it has been since the 18th century. This multi-purpose brush holds an incredible amount of water and is capable of unbelievably large and flawless washes, with a delicate point for unique brush strokes and line work. This brush features a genuine hand-tied quill ferrule. Goose quills used for larger sizes.

Raphaël 903 Pointed Filbert Watercolour Brushes

Raphaël Series 903 Pointed Filbert Watercolour Brushes have tips of genuine, premium quality squirrel hair which offers exceptional colour retention. After immersing in water, the tufts of hair taper to form a perfect tip that also allows for working on small areas. These Raphaël Series 903 Pointed Filbert Watercolour Brushes have short black lacquered handles and nickel plated brass ferrules.

Raphael 916 Flat Wash Brushes

Raphaël Series 916 Flat Wash Brushes have tips of pure grey squirrel hair which is extremely soft and fine. These brushes are ideal for watercolour. These Raphaël Series 916 Flat Wash Brushes have extraordinary colour absorption, allowing for very long brush strokes. They have short black lacquered handles with seamless silver ferrules.

Raphael SoftAqua Series 805

Soft Aqua – For over 200 years, Raphaël company has been committed to offering brushes that best meet the artist’s needs. Recently, in collaboration with its Research and Development department, Raphaël has developed a new and exceptional synthetic fiber brush which offers a retention capacity equal to no other. The wavy undulating shape of the fiber creates spaces which hold the water molecules and therefore contain twice as much color compared to conventional synthetic fibers, which are straight and slippery.

Raphael SoftAqua 845

Shape : Round, Pointed tip
Fiber : Petit-gris pur
Usage : Soft Aqua brushes are excellent for Watercolours, Inks, Gouache, tempera and Silk Painting.

The fine tip of the Round Brush is specifically tailored for thin lines, detailed work and washes while its belly provides an excellent reservoir for water and colour.

Raphael Precision Short Handled Brushes 8504, 8524, 8534

New from Raphaël is Precision, a full range of synthetic brushes that look and feel like natural hair sable brushes. Precision has
been designed to create the most accurate brush strokes of any synthetic brush on the market. These brushes hold media well yet have a snap to the hairs that helps retain the shape of the brush from stroke to stroke. Precision short handled brushes come in a range of 24 brushes in 5 styles and are excellent for use with watercolors, inks, gouache, and acrylic








Since 1898, (Kolibri) a family business, manufacture a large selection of Artist Brushes, Brushes for School & Hobby, Cosmetic Brushes, Brushes for Restorers as well as for many other applications in the craft.

Unchanged for 122 years: Handmade in Germany

Raphael Watercolor Kaerell 8394- 8796

The Kaerell ‘s synthetic filaments taper to a sharp point like natural hair, outperforming standard synthetic hair brushes. The brush stroke is soft and smooth, and lines and edges are very precise. Kaerell is ideal for watercolor, fluid acrylics and most other water-based colors.

Zig Brush H20 Water-fillable Pen

zig h2o brushThe ZIG Water Colour System BrusH20 range is perfect for any artist who wishes to paint anywhere at any time. All you need to do is fill the barrel with water and away you go! The ZIG Water Colour System BrusH20 works perfectly with our ZIG Art & Graphic Twin pen range as they are water-based, so for any artist on location this is the cleanest and easiest way to paint. ZIG Water Colour System BrusH20 pens have a retractable valve in them so you have complete control of how much water you release by gently squeezing the barrel.

Available in Detailer, Medium, Large and Broad.

Royal Sea Sponges

spongesWe stock a variety of Royal brand sponges; synthetic, wool and silk. Available in singly and in packs.

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