Sennelier Pastel Card 360gsm

Untitled-15Sennelier applies finely ground, pH neutral vegetable flakes by hand to a 360gsm, pH neutral board stock, creating a paper that is slightly abrasive, yet has a perfectly smooth and uniform tooth.

This greatly enhances pigment adhesion, so that less fixative is required. It offers an excellent surface for any dry media.

Sennelier Pastel Card Pad 360gsm 12 Sheet 16×24″

Untitled-15Rarely are card stock pastel supports available to the artist in a pad. The La Carte pad offers twelve sheets of heavyweight, professional quality paper board with a finely ground coating of cork and vegetable flakes providing a uniform, toothy surface that grabs and holds even the softest pastels.

The pad is top side glue bound for easy sheet removal and includes two sheets each of six assorted neutral colors. Paper is acid-free and lightfast. A beautiful surface for dry media applications.

Sennelier Oil Pastel Card Pad 340gsm 12 Sheet 30x40cm

Untitled-15Sennelier’s Oil Pastel Card was developed especially for the exceptional qualities of oil pastels. Oil will not seep, bleed through, or halo on this paper.

Each pad contains 12 thick, 340gsm sheets of acid-free paper. Glassine sheets are interleaved between the pages to protect your paintings.

Fabriano Tiziano Drawing/Pastel Paper 160gsm

Untitled-14You’ll see and feel the difference as your pastels bite into the extraordinarily toothy surface of this pastel, charcoal, and pencil drawing paper. Available in White and more than 30 delicious colors, it features a grain that runs parallel to the long side.

Acid-free. 40% cotton.

Available in A4 and 50x65cm.

Stonehenge Printmaking Paper 245gsm 56x76cm

10423-group-3-2ww-mStonehenge is a traditional fine art paper with a smooth, flawless surface that is slightly mottled to resemble actual vellum. Use it for watercolor, printmaking, pen-and-ink, pencil, or pastel.

Stonehenge is machine-made in the United States, from 100% cotton fibers. It’s acid-free. Each sheet has two deckle edges.

Available in White and Black.

Colourfix Pastel Paper

Untitled-1Printed on 300gsm hot press watercolour paper and with its 20 dense, lightfast colours and fine deep tooth, Colourfix™ is a superb substrate for acrylics, inks, silverpoint, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils. The natural toothy surface will hold multiple layers of pastel without the need for fixative, allowing the velvet bloom and vibrant colour of pastel to be preserved. Erasing is also easy with Colourfix™ – simply lift off excess pastel with clear adhesive tape, brush off with a dampened or dry brush, or use a pencil eraser. Alternatively, errors can be overpainted or areas touched up with the matching colour of Art Spectrum Colourfix™ Primer. The tough, toothy surface can be sanded, scrubbed, soaked and reworked over and over

Available in A4 and 50x65cm

View the full colour range here.

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