Blundell Harling Challenge Drawing Board A2

• Lightweight and accurate drawing board with parallel motion unit
• Incorporates a simple cross-wire type parallel motion unit running on a pulley system
• Transparent acrylic straight edge with a graduated graphics scale
• Can be used flat or at a 15º working angle

Staedtler ASCOLA Drawing Board A3

Logo-StaedtlerASCOLA A3 student drawing board. Laminated base with built-in ergonomic stand, aluminium slides, vertical division and sheet holder mechanism.

Rotring College Board A3

Rotring-College-BoardThe Rotring College Drawing Board is a portable, parallel rule, single locking, drafters’ drawing board. For sheet sizes up to 450 x 325mm. Magnetic clamp with scale. Straightedge guide slots on all four sides with sigl humps. Parallel straightedge with grip area and STOP-and-GO button (single locking). Additional metal clamp.

Kent Graduate Drawing Board A3

Kent-A3-Drawing-BoardEconomical double-locking, portable, parallel rule drafting board, is perfect for students. Includes a magnetic clamp and transparent straight edge with protractor. Made from lightweight ABS plastic.

Blundell Harling Art Board A2

blundellA2 portable drawing board.  Four angle positions: 25º, 35º, 45º, and 60º. Stand is of all steel construction. When closed, the backstand acts as a carrying handle.

DAS Field Sketch Board

Untitled-23Basic Field Sketch Board, light weight particle board with attached clip.

Available in A3 and A2.

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