Lefranc & Bourgeois Linel Artist’s Gouache 15ml

Untitled-4Variety and wealth of colours, regularity and opaqueness of the washes, such are the main qualities of LINEL artists’ gouache. The binder used for grinding the colours has a gum arabic base that endows this gouache with its unique velvety texture. The LINEL artists’ gouache range is used on all non-oily supports, papers, pasted-papers, canvas boards. Never work on supports that are too absorbent and may soak up the binder. The 130 colours are available in flexible 15 ml tubes.

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Lefranc & Bourgeois Fine Gouache 25ml

Untitled-3Formerly know as LINEL 35 GT Designers Gouache, the FINE Gouache retains the characteristics of the 35GT: freshness, brightness and intensity of colours. FINE Gouache contains fine arts quality pigments and gum arabic. Owing to their high covering power, the colours are of a deep matt and keep their velvety aspect. It is ideal for technical and graphic illustrators and fine arts students. 45 colours, including 3 metallic colours in 25 ml tubes with flip top claps.

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