Masters Studio Easel

masters studio easelDimensions:  67 x 74 x 229 cm (min) 369 (max) cm

(26″x29″x90″ min/145″ max)

Max canvas height: up to 239 cm (94″)

Weight: 23 kg (51 lbs)


Hand crafted from beautiful oil stained beech wood.

Your studio is both a work place and a place to play with ideas. This easel allows you to explore new ideas and techniques and is one very serious easel when you really get down to painting. It employs both a front telescoping brace and rear telescoping legs. This allows the easel to be fully supported in a huge range of angles from flat to vertical. Unlike former models of this kind of easel the front brace provides rigid support when you want the easel to be used as a table. The easel also allows you to paint at a forward angle to eliminate glare and assist in pastel painting.

Cappelletto Multi-function Easel CS-50

cp_cs_50Dimensions: 60 wide×72 deep cm (23,5″x28″)

Height: 60 wide×72 deep cm (23,5″x28″)

Max canvas height: up to 140 cm (55″) high

Weight: 12 kg (26 lbs)


Superb Multi-function studio easel, made of oiled beech wood, tilts flat for watercolour work. Made in Italy by a long established easel maker.

The deep support ledge is adjustable for height. Large lower storage platform. Suitable for all angles of work from flat to vertical adjustable with plastic knobs.

Good for watercolour painting. Supports canvasses up to 140 cm high (55″). Supplied in kit form and is very easy to assemble with good instructions.

Cappelletto Large Studio Easel CS-200

Cappelletto_CS200_LDimensions: 68×54 cm (27″x21″)

Height: 190/255 cm (75/98″) high

Max canvas height: up to 145 cm (56,5″) high

Weight: 12 kg (26 lbs)


Studio easel made of premium oil finished beech, with turned wooden adjuster knobs. The deep support ledge is adjustable for height and depth can be increased using extension tray ET-1 or ET-2.

Ratchet height adjustment. Made in seasoned beech for strength and durability. Double support shelf.

Cappelletto Studio Easel CS-20

Cappelletto_CS20_studio easelDimensions: 56×48 cm (22″x19″)

Height: 190/250 cm (75×8″) high

Max canvas height: up to 140 cm (55″) high

Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)


Studio easel made of premium oil finished beech with turned wooden knobs. Useful shelf storage.

Stable “H” frame easel, can be folded flat for storage. Double support shelf. Ratchet height adjustment. Adjustable for angle by large adjustment knobs.

Supplied in kit form and is very easy to assemble with good instructions.

Beech Wood Studio Easel

Untitled-1Dimensions: 55×52 cm (21″ x 20″)

Height: 136 cm (53″), maximum: 237 cm (93″)

Max canvas height: 120 cm (48″)


A strongly constructed adjustable ratchet studio easel. The base can be folded flat. Made from oiled beech wood.

Cappelletto Adjustable Lyre Easel CL-22

Untitled-2Dimensions: 59×150 cm (23″x59″)

Height: 165/230 cm (659/916″) high

Max canvas height: up to 130 cm (51″) high

Weight: 7 kg (15 lbs)


Lyre easel with a deep utility shelf for storing supplies, adjustable for height, ideal for displaying as well as working.

The support ledge adjusts on a  ratchet. Rear support leg folds flat for easy storage.

Made in seasoned beech, oil finish. It includes a forward tilting center pole for glare reduction and pastel painting.

Adjustable Lyre Easel


Dimensions: 220 x 57 x 69 cm (86″x22″x27″)

Height: 220 cm (86″)

Max canvas height: up to 127 cm (50″)


The Adjustable Lyre easel is a large scale, economical easel made from elm wood. It is perfect for studio use and holds canvasses up to 127 cm. It provides a sturdy support for both painting or display.

The easel has a locking ratchet mechanism for easy height adjustment. It folds flat, is boxed for shipping and is easy to assemble.

Cappelletto Deluxe Field Easel CP-16

 cp16_tDimensions: closed dimensions, 87 x 13 x 7.5cm (34″x5″x3)

Fully extended dimensions, 85 cm wide x 185 cm height (33″x72″)

Height: fully extended to the top of the tripod is 120 cm

Max canvas height: supports canvasses or boards up to 110 cm tall (43″)

Weight: 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs)


Sketching easels remain the popular choice for light weight outdoor painting. The portability of these easels make this a good design choice for those taking classes.

Stable with adjustable angle and portable with carrying handle and packing strap. The pivoting support can be adjusted all the way from a vertical to a horizontal. A strong strap secures the easel for carrying. It’s a perfect choice for oils, watercolours, acrylic or pastel artists who work on location. A useful addition to the field easels is the Art Board SB-5 and SB-6.

FOME Steel Field Easel

classic-metal-portable-display-easel-93-pDimensions: 7.5×9.5×88.5 cm (3″x4″x35″)

Max canvas size: 70 cm (27″)

Weight: 2.3 Kg (5 lbs)


Sturdy metal field easel by Fome of Italy. This easel is superb quality from one of Italy’s best metal easel makers and offers strength and stability.

Cappelletto Box Table Easel CC-31

cp_cc_31thmDimensions:  65.5 x 35.5 cm (26″x14″)

Max canvas height: 85 cm (34″)

Weight: 4.4 kg (10 lbs)


Table top box easel. Made in stain resistant, oiled beech wood. The canvas holder is adjustable to any angle from horizontal to vertical. The metal lined sliding drawer is compartmented and will hold brushes and paints.

A varnished walnut palette is included. Internal clip for holding a paper pad or other materials. The non-slip rubber feet ensure a stable working platform. Leather carry handle.

Box Table Easel

das box table easelAdjustable 90 degree angle solid Box Table sketching easel with side access storage drawer.

Adjust above and below table edge.

Cappelletto Large Children’s Easel L-1

cap kids easelDimensions:  61 x 70 cm (24″x28″)

Height: 121 cm (47″) to 136 cm (53.5″) high

White board / chalk board overall size 64 x 50 cm

Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)


Double sided children’s easel with a wipe clean chalk board on one side, and a wipe clean white board on the other and a roll for paper. Both boards are unbreakable and simple to assemble. Constructed in natural stain resistant beech wood with out any varnishes or oils.

It features a shelf compartment on both sides for storing painting and drawing materials. There is a hang-on cup holder for brushes and watercolours and this can be hung on the sides and on the shelf compartment. Plastic knobs allow an easy height adjustment.

Suitable for ages 3+.

Jolly Kidz 5 in 1 Easel

jolly easelJolly Kidz easels make painting and drawing fun and exciting and can involve the entire family.

The Jolly Kidz easel is manufactured using fine high grade solid Birch wood. From toddler through primary age and up, Jolly Easels facilitate your child’s early fine motor skill development through drawing, painting, writing and imaginary play. This heavy, high quality, fine-timber art easel incorporates magnetic chalkboard, whiteboard with paper clip and felt-board. They come complete with fitted spill-proof tray and paint pots. They are top of the range and therefore ideal for educational organisations.

Available in both large and small sizes.

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