Clairefontaine Age Bag Pencil Cases

age bagGenuine soft sheep leather pencil cases in a variety of colours and styles.

Available in Green, Red, Black and Ochre.

SDI Helical Pencil Sharpener

Untitled-10Durable helical blade which sharpens pencils to super points for fine detail work. Suitable for pencils up to 8mm in diameter. The SDI sharpeners feature an extendable front plate with a self feeding mechanism which stops when the pencil has reached a superb point. They also come with a handy desk clamp.

Available in Blue, Red and Yellow.

Staedtler 510 20 Double Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener

staedtler-sharpener-double-metalFor standard-sized blacklead pencils up to 8.2 mm Ø with a sharpening angle of 23° for clear and accurate lines.

For thick blacklead and coloured pencils up to 10.2 mm Ø with a sharpening angle of 30° for broad, soft lines.

Staedtler 510 10 Single Hole Metal Pencil Sharpener

getDynamicImage (1)For standard-sized blacklead pencils up to 8.2 mm Ø with a sharpening angle of 23° for clear and accurate lines

Staedtler Mars 502 Lead Pointer

staedtler-mars-lead-pointer-tub-502Sharpener for 2 mm leads. Automatic sharpening stop. With measurement device for adjusting sharpening cone. Metal lead sharpener. Integrated dust wiper.

Staedtler Mars Plastic 526 50 Eraser

144449Premium quality for first-class erasing performance. Minimal crumbling. Protective cellophane wrapper with practical tear-and-open strip. Sliding sleeve for convenient handling. Phthalate and latex free. Absolutely age-resistant. Best erasing performance with little wear. No discolouration of the eraser on paper.

Sennelier Pencil and Charcoal Fixative 400g

Untitled-7“Delacroix” Pencil and Charcoal Fixative – The perfect formulation to seal and protect graphite and charcoal. This clear, non-yellowing spray is heavier than “Latour” spray so as to completely protect against smearing.

NAM Workable Fixative 400g

Untitled-8This clear, matte fixative is easy to work with, dries in seconds, and doesn’t wrinkle, smudge, or smear. This fixative gives lasting protection to pencil, charcoal, and chalk, yet erases easily.

Graphite Powder 100g

Graphite_PowderGraphite Powder is suitable for large-surface drawings, 3D working and working out of light and shadow.
Can also be mixed with water and a binding agent.
Use a particle mask when using powders.

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