Sennelier Ink Brush Pen

These Brush Pens have real synthetic fibre brush tips! The innovation of the Sennelier Ink Brush Pens is to be equipped with a real brush tip made of real fibers. Thanks to these real fibres, the application of the colour is more fluid, constant and linear, taking advantage of the internal capillarity of the brush to facilitate the dispersion of the colour. In the same gesture, the artist can create extremely fine and very wide lines (up to 10mm) with a continuous flow of ink, by simply varying the pressure of the tip on the paper.

Pigment based and exclusive to Sennelier, it is environmentally friendly, which explains why there is no safety marking on the label. 24 of the 36 colours are from Sennelier’s “La Petite Aquarelle” range. This correspondence allows watercolourists and illustrators to harmoniously complete the details and highlights of their works in watercolour.

Ecoline Brush Marker

Create beautiful fluid and vivid lines with Ecoline Brush Pens. The Brush Pen is characterized by its flexible tip and extensive range of brilliant colours thanks to its pure, dye-based formula. These pens are perfect for hand lettering, watercolour drawings, quick sketches and finishing touches. Available in store in 30 bright colours, including a blender pen.

Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Marker

The Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour marker is the modern definition of watercolour painting: a high quality drawing instrument that supports spontaneous sketching as well as painting in watercolours. The water-based ink is always ready and is excellently usable with water.

the artists’ watercolour marker stands out because of high pigmentation and high lightfastness. The colours follow the Faber-Castell colour system and are therefore reliably combinable with other artist pencils from Faber-Castell. The versatility of the Albrecht Dürer watercolour marker convinces above all on its travels. Whoever likes to capture impressions while on the road will reach for this pen with relish. Two nibs – a brush nib and a fibre-tip – offer the artist flexibility in the personal drawing style. The ink lends drawings and preliminary sketches a high dynamic that is intensified through painting with water. Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour markers are available in 30 individual colours, plus sets in store.

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen

Faber-Castell has combined all the advantages of artist’s inks with the benefits of a modern, easy-to-use pen – the Pitt Artist Pen. The pigmented and very lightfast drawing ink is ideal for sketches, drawings, layouts, fashion design and illustration. Ink drawings have a very long artistic tradition. This has always been an interesting medium for artists and graphic artists, it lends drawings expression and durability and can also be combined with many other drawing techniques.

Product details

  • Pigmented India ink
  • High lightfastness
  • Flexible brush tip, retains its shape
  • Waterproof, permanent
  • Odourless, acid-free, pH neutral
  • Does not bleed through paper


ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush is a brush type watercolor pen, so it can be used in a wide range of applications such as illustration, design, lettering, and Manga. Because it is a water-based dye ink, you can blur it with water or mix with other real brush colors or blender.


ZIG Art & Graphic Twin tip Markers

ZIG Art & Graphic Twin is a dual tipped marker with a fine tip for details and a flexible brush tip for larger coverage. Markers use a water-based dye formula allowing colors to blend easily.

The 0.8 mm fine tip and the flexible brush tip are fit for sketching, illustrating, cartooning and rubber stamps. / Easy to blend and dilute water-based colors with TUT-80 Blender

ZIG Cartoonist Mangaka Flexible Pen Black

The Zig Cartoonist Mangaka Flexible Pen is perfect for drawing, inking, and outlining your manga art! It has a flexible fine point tip that produces thin and thick lines, making it a versatile and essential tool for manga artists. The water-based pigment ink is water resistant with watercolors and resists smudging with alcohol-based markers once it is dry.

KURECOLOR Fine & Brush for MANGA

These versatile dual tip markers feature alcohol-based dye that is quick drying and permanent. Use the fine tip for details and the flexible brush tip for coloring use on photo-copy paper without blurring. Perfect for manga, rubber stamping, brush lettering and all types of paper crafting projects can be mixed by overwriting to make an intermediate or deep color tone.

ZIG Cartoonist Brush Pen (No.22, No.24)

Kuretake launched its first brush pen in 1973, continuing to expand the line with each product having unique features for a variety of use. The brush pen is most commonly used for calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations and ink washing.

No. 22 – Medium brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.

No. 24 – Small brush tip with refillable ink cartridge. Water-based Pigment Ink.


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