Fome Etching Press A4

fome a4Etching presses for manual printing, suitable for school use and for beginners. Height adjustable solid steel rollers. Supplied with metal plate.

Fome Etching Press A3

fome a3Etching press for amateur and professional printing use.  Height adjustable solid steel rollers mounted on oscillating ball bearings, ensuring flexibility of printing pressure. Supplied with metal plate and cloth.

Available with or without stand.

Mull 1m

mullSoft, thin muslin used for cleaning plates in intaglio etching.

Copper Plates

cu_sheetTraditional ground for intaglio printing. Bites evenly, holds texture well and does not distort the colour of the ink when wiped.

Available in various sizes.

Zinc Plates

Untitled-9Cheaper alternative to copper plates in intaglio printing.

Available in various sizes.

MDF Panels

mdfPanels for woodcut prints.

Available in 3mm and 6mm, and in A4 and A3 sizes.

Lino Panels

lino-block2Slightly softer surface than wood, for cutting lino prints.

Available in A5, A4 and A3.

Speedball Brayers

brayer_2_inch_deluxeSpeedball’s most popular brayers are great for printmaking, paper crafting, memory albums, stamping and home décor. The Deluxe Soft Rubber Brayer is made from pure natural gum rubber with a ground finish.

Available in a wide selection of sizes from 2” to 6” width.

Essdee Hard Rubber Roller

Lino-Roller-2Our best selling rollers are used by education authorities worldwide and are available in a variety of sizes. Manufactured from durable polypropolene with self-lubricating nylon bearings, robust construction, EPDM rubber, hanging slot, aluminium core and continuous steel shaft. These versatile rollers can be used for a variety of purposes other than lino printing. Simply turn over the wet roller and the handle doubles as a stand for cleaner working.

Available in 2″ to 6″ widths.

Palette Knives

knivesPalette Knives are blunt with a slightly flexible steel blade and no sharpened cutting edge. They are used in place of a brush for applying paint colors, paste, pigments, and so forth directly onto the canvas or painting surface. Between the handle and the blade there is usually a large crank, to keep the artist’s hand off the paint surface. Painting knives come in a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes.

“The Master’s” Artist’s Hand Soap 40g

Untitled-12The Masters Hand Soap is specially formulated to remove petroleum-based paint or materials without harsh and messy thinners. It removes dried-on paint with just water. It’s non-abrasive, and leaves hands soft.

Use it in the art room and for other dirty tasks around the house. Masters conditions as it cleans. It has a refreshing spearmint scent, and it contains no lanolin.

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