Screen Print Frame 42T

jbsf-1-091027155822Available in various sizes, this is a ready made screen printing frame suitable for block colours.

Fastex Textile Inks 375ml

fastexFastex Textile Ink is a heat setting ink which when properly applied will be colour fast, dry cleanable, water resistant and suitable for most fabrics. Paint your own bright coloured T-Shirts, hats or even cushion covers. Fun and easy to do.

Available in a full range of bright colours. The fluorescent colours are less resistant to fading. Variable results may be obtained on some synthetic fabric and wool, so please patch test first.


Non-Caustic Degreaser

Untitled-23A non-flammable ink degreaser, it emulsifies inks for easy water removal before reclaiming.  Also, it is a safe, non-caustic screen degreaser that will not deteriorate the fabric and will not burn unprotected skin.

Stencil Remover Powder

Untitled-23This powder has long been a standard way of making emulsion removers. SMP powders can be mixed at different dilution rates making it both economical and universal where you can basically customize the solution to specifications.

Microwax 480g

Untitled-23Used as a resist on screen printing silk screens.


squgeeThe Squeegee is designed for graphic screen printing but can also be used on paper, cardboard, or wood.

Available in a variety of sizes, it features a wood handle and a firm, durable rubber blade that is suitable for shorter print runs and high-usage applications.

Available in sizes from 15cm-60cm.

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