BLOCKX Extra-Fine Oil Paint

Established in 1865 and the favourite paint of Salvador Dali. Blockx Paints are highly pigmented, pure, rich colours all with an exceptional degree of lightfastness.

The BLOCKX extra-fine oil paint line consists of 105 vibrant shades, all with an exceptional degree of lightfastness (rated 7/8 on the international BWS scale).
BLOCKX extra-fine oils are, for the most part, made from pure mono-pigment, without the addition of fillers and additives.
Through a unique traditional manufacturing method of grinding on porphyry stone, mixed with traditional binders, BLOCKX oils with smooth textures are highly concentrated in color.

Founded in 1865 in Belgium by Jacques Blockx I, today the brand BLOCKX is recognised by artists from around the world for the quality of its oil-based colours. At the time, the founder’s Belgian artist friends were despairing at the scarcity of the beautiful traditional colours made in artists’ studios, which had been replaced by industrial methods. Jacques Blockx I, a chemist passionate about colours and pigments, therefore decided to make some for them, at a small laboratory located on his property.
«The goal I have strived to achieve is finding a formula that will give the oil-based colours the required qualities of resistance, brilliance and beauty.» J.B

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