Langridge Odourless Solvent

Untitled-3Langridge Low Toxic Solvent is supplied as a low toxicity alternative to traditional artists’ solvents, reducing exposure to the more harmful compounds associated with turpentine, etc.

Associated issues with prolonged contact with traditional artists’ solvents such as dermatitis, skin and respiratory organ irritation, headaches, etc. can be dramatically reduced or removed by using Langridge Low Toxic Solvent.

Because its’ Permisable Exposure Level (PEL) is higher than other solvents the artists exposure will not be as harmful in comparison to traditional solvents. Langridge still recommends the use of good studio ventilation, a minimum of two open windows, preferably a properly installed exhaust system.

It can be used as a diluent when used in small quantities with oil colours. Extreme care should be taken, however, in diluting purely with Low Toxic Solvent as its over-use can easily underbind paint and lead to a dull, dry lifeless film with potential for dusting or flaking off. Artists wishing to create very fluid working qualities should refer to painting mediums constructed for that purpose.

Available in 100ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 4 Litre