Langridge Oil Primer 1l

Untitled-7A traditional linseed oil based oil primer. Produces a high quality white surface with good tooth and flexibility for oil painting.

Constituents: Refined Linseed Oil, Titanium Dioxide Pigment, Calcium Carbonate, Cobalt Octoate.

Add Artists’ White Spirit to Oil Primer in proportions of 1:2 till a thin cream consistency is obtained. Oil Primer is supplied in a form that needs further dilution to prevent dropping out of the pigment whilst in storage. It is important not to use Langridge Oil Primer undiluted as the resulting film will be too fat and lacking proper tooth.

Because of a high titanium white pigment content, Langridge Oil Primer has excellent hiding power. Langridge recommends the application of two coats for a complete prime and for maximum brightness.

Before applying an oil primer the support must be ‘sized’ to reduce absorbancy. If over absorbant, the linseed oil in the primer will soak into the substrate leading to two major defects: The support, especially if canvas, will be acted upon by the oil, which is acidic, leading to embrittlement. The canvas can, in a short period of time, lose its’ flexibilty and start to crack, especially on stress points such as the edge of the stretcher frame. Secondly, the oil, having soaked into the substrate, will leave the primer underbound. There is not enough oil to completely bind the pigment, creating a priming ground that will draw oil from all oil colours applied on top. The primer, whether oil or acrylic, is the foundation of the whole painting. If the foundation is faulty all painting applied on top of it will be compromised.

After applying a sizing agent such as rabbit skin glue, gelatine size or diluted archival EVA the canvas fibres will have swelled due to the sizes’ water content. The swollen fibres will tend to give the surface a rough, abrasive surface. If wanting a smoother surface, lightlysand using a flat faced pumice stone. Pumice is less aggressive than commercial abrasive papers which have the potential to cut and weaken the canvas fibres. Once lightly sanded and wiped down with a dry cloth, proceed with the application of Oil Primer.

Further information about Langridge Oil Primer including application instructions can be found here.