Lefranc & Bourgeois Charbonnel Soft Black Ball Ground

a20791713c15c52a085ce3_mContains: judea bitumen, pitch resin, tallow, beeswax.
Dry extract: 52%
Finish: satin opaque
Hardness: supple
Consistency: paste
Characteristics: Soft lines and textural effects.
How To Use: A painting dabber is recommended for application. It is applied hot.
Plate Cleaning: Before applying these grounds, it is imperative that all grease be removed from the plate. To do this, thin some Marly white with a small quantity of water and rub the plate with a soft cloth or a piece of cotton. Rinse under flowing water. Pour a soured solution of vinegar and salt on the plate. Rinse once again. Dry rapidly. Avoid putting fingers on the plate whilst carrying out these operations.
Soft Grounds: Soft grounds protect the plate. They are non-drying grounds, applied with a painting dabber or roller. Textures and materials pressed into their non-drying surface will lift off, leaving the metal bared, ready for the bite of the acid. The plate must be heated before application. The “Pencil Method” consists of drawing with a hard point on “laid” paper applied over the soft ground. The paper sticks to the drawn parts. After the bite of the acid, a pencil stroke effect is obtained.