Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist’s Oil Paint 40ml

Sennelier was the supplier to Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence.

Cezanne used 18 Sennelier fine oil colours, and they are still available today as part of the current extra-fine oil range.

Since it was founded in 1887, some of the greatest names in the history of art have placed their trust in the unique quality of Sennelier colours. This extraordinary group of clients includes Paul Gauguin, Alfred Sisley, and even Vincent Van Gogh, who would ask his brother Théo to go to Sennelier to buy his colours for him. The impressionist and precursor to modern art Paul Cézanne was another.

Dense, yet buttery, Sennelier oils are highly pigmented and firmer. The reformulated homogeneous consistency is better suited to the diversity of modern techniques and pictorial sensitivities. The slightly heavier body retains its unique creaminess, while offering greater versatility.
Sennelier’s carefully selected pigments are ground longer, to provide the finest, most vivid colouration possible. Sennelier strives to provide the purest, most concentrated stable pigments. With improved lightfastness, the colour intensity will endure for generations.
Safflower oil, a binder with balanced drying power, provides the creamy texture that dries with an attractive satin finish in a uniform manner over the entire range. Unlike linseed oil, safflower oil is non-yellowing.
Also available in 200ml tubes.

Paul Cézanne used the following 18 oil paints:

116 – white
208 – Raw Sienna
211 – Burnt Sienna
213 – Green earth
252 – Yellow ochre
259 – Red ochre
307 – Cobalt blue
314 – French ultramarine blue
318 – Prussian blue
511 – Bright yellow
567 – Naples yellow
674 – Vermilion
688 – Crimson lake
689 – Madder lake deep
690 – Rose madder lake
757 – Peach black
847 – Viridian
837 – Emerald green

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